Yohan Blake ran down Justin Gatlin.

Stacey Runs Video Score: 3 / 5

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  4. All sprinters American and Jamaican are dirty!

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  6. Mullings train with Tyson Gay,Tyson stay getting hurt,Mullings stay running,Now i know why.Cheating Mullings.

  7. kingofsprints

    True! Mullings was always suspect, because he alway seems to trying to contend with the big boys, which ultimately led him to his demise. I think him training with Tyson Gay and best friends he feel he could use that as cover for his devious plot to contend.

  8. nah i was talking about mullings. he’s banned for life for cheating twice, im sure gatlin will follow suit. dirty runners can only run dirty.

  9. kingofsprints

    You maybe right, because alot of people now questioning his early season form! I guess once a cheat will always be one.

  10. obviously he didnt learn….lol.

  11. I kind of suspected Mullings of taking something after he ran that 9.80s. To come out of nowhere and run that fast, that’s highly unlikely to do that when you are clean.

  12. You still got to remember that Gatlin is an All-American runner. It is very hard making it on the US team and anyone who does make it has put in some work to get their. Before he started using roids he was still working out hard but when he started getting 2nd and 3rd all the time he said forget maybe roids might help. I know roids are illegal but Gatlin is a person that does whatever it takes to win which is a good attitude. But it is bad doing whatever it takes the wrong way.

  13. Mullings is at risk for a lifetime banned, I thought he was clean but I guess not.

  14. Below comment.
    He’s not on roids you fucking mong. He’s clean.

    And I used to be a sprinter at Junior level, and I forgive Gatlin, I like Gatlin. He isn’t going to fuck up again.


  16. cowboys4ever19

    is this a game

  17. kingofsprints

    @topv8 I’m going to give him another chance to be clean and performed well….I’m hoping he makes the team or at least a relay spot vs Jamaica.

  18. kingofsprints

    @topv8 I’m going to give him another chance I think to be clean and performed well….I’m hoping he makes the team or at least a relay spot vs Jamaica.

  19. kingofsprints

    Gatlin is on his last leg for chances so this is it for him…Remember we do have Steve Mullings who too served two years for testosterone and is on his best behavior now, I just hope that he too learned from his mistake.

  20. I grew up in this sport. Ran in high school and college and went to the Olympic Trials. Why are we so excited for a dirty sprinter to return? I don’t care what this guy does. He disgraced the sport that I love, so I wish he would not run. I wish everyone else felt the same way. He is a cheater! I personally believe that if you test positive, you get a lifetime ban period. No two year bans. Dirty=over! If it had been this way the whole time, maybe there would be less cheaters!

  21. kingofsprints

    Lol True he really has used up two chances already!

  22. Sorry for being a spoilsporter but i dont think he should even show up, he has used his first and even second chanse……he´s done!

  23. kingofsprints

    @topv8 Gatlin 9.77 race was the same race he was tested positive at the end of the 100. JG fastest legal time is 9.85 in 2004 Olympics final, plus those times he was 20 pounds lighter and much younger too. I’ve watched him race a few times and his problem seem to be the middle of the race, he’s not getting the top end lift he use to have with those long strides. I think he need more 200m prepping to help regain his top end speed. I don’t see him beating Dix for a spot, but I hope he make it.