Usain Bolt Wins 100m Final – 9.77 Moscow World Championships 2013

Stacey Operates Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Can you answer the questions now punk, running away does say much about your character.

  2. Walter Alexander

    Jamaica has no independent anti-doping federation.

  3. Coincidentally as soon as Bolt, was about to win this race(real lighting struck) check out the picture by Olivier Morin/AFP.

  4. Coinsi as soon as B

  5. Respect, by the way, (Aficionado450) good question. Peace.

  6. force in it’s power is black as the clouds get dark then two poler opposite collide(i.e) hot and cold a balance of ideas(elements). So to answer your question his relation to this lighting god is to say well use you neurons to figure out the rest. Good luck.

  7. A bit of history, if you will, Zeus, in the Greek, pagan mythology represents power( he Zeus was the father of the gods after defeating his father cronus, He became the so called god on mount olympus, by the Hellenistic culture[other wise known as the Greeks] by the way the Greeks plagiarized the the Egyptian culture. So Zeus is a parody of Osiris. So Bolt in true fashion of a smart black man is saying, since you stole black people’s culture and rename it, I will take it back. The true lighting

  8. Hercules, legend from the land of the Greeks; Bolt, legend from the land of the Jamaicans!
    Has any one rendered a thorough check on Bolt for relations Zeus?

  9. On the mark you are Crash. He talks like he’s an experienced drug pusher. Supplier of all The Olympic athletes. Yet of all the US sprinters who have tested positive for PEDs they are still all inferior to Bolt and others. As much drugs as US produces, drugs no drugs “Island in the sun” dominates sprinting hands down. Here’s the kicker; Bolt is kicking ASS! like a walk in the park, squeaky clean; can you imagine if he were to take a little bit of drugs.

  10. WA it must be you supplying drugs to the jamaican athletes thats why you know they’re doping. Cut the crap! Talk about your own. Lol

  11. Race end within 13sec. Remaining 3min celebrate

  12. Lol. The pot calling the kettle black. You have no idea what goes on in your own backyard, yet you wanna be an expert on outside territory using mainsteam media as your source. Probably still cheering for the cowboys in those western movies, and yeah, Tarzan controls the jungles in Africa. You’re a waste of time. I’m out.

  13. Why is that you live in the richest country in the world yet still you are the least in it: you can’t even get a cab, much less get respect form the police( who are suppose to work for it’s citizens) Why so call Negro? When you can figure this out, I will treat you as half the insect you are. Other wise just delete yourself, have some pride, about yourself. Why don’t you? I’m done with you NEXT.

  14. so the evolving trend becomes a Negro with his pants down instead of up. To show how much you know about your own pitiful existence. Do you ever wonder why so many are fatherless, and every time keep say my momma, like bitches. Because you are a proverb and a by word via your accursed behavior, even the universe is mad at your behavior. Karma is a dangerous act, oh well, keep exiting so call Negro, just keep depending on others to teach you.

  15. The 3000 of American drug cheats that have been posted by your governing body is that anything to negate. Jamaica has not even a fractions of this. Like I said, you live in and artificial Womb, where your survival is obscured. Ever wonder why all the male in your country wear their pant down at their ankle? Why you say? Because you were prison born, when your fathers went to their homes in prison, the correctional facility, to protect them took their shoes laces and belt, so the evolving trend

  16. Walter Alexander

    The overwhelming majority of drug cheating sprinters have been of Jamaican heritage. Do you ever say anything that makes sense???

  17. . So we are respectful of others glory, that is the trade mark of honor, not your project divisions. If one is truly great the world will soon see and honor such a one accordingly. Not to mention the creator of all men and majesty.

  18. Any-time anyone is constantly comparing themselves with other people to show they are worth something, then you know those individuals have no self worth. If you know you have standards you let your work, or invention speak for you or itself. And let the completion constantly agitate themselves being a parody( a ridiculous misconception of imitation) did you notice no Jamaican before now never questioned the authenticity of America, because we wished America well, and prosperity. So we are resp

  19. Because I don’t know what you are anything of your kind, can ever brag about after 400 hundred plus years of slavery you are the only set of black people with no identity, no purpose no no sense of values. You can’t even be objective enough to govern your own senses, the self hatred you people employ to the world is the only contribution you can really claim. Pathetic. Crawl back to what ever projects you crawl out of, and be a good little experiment.

  20. A cha-cha-cha Jim crow Walter A-CHA-CHA-CHA, your song and dance is a doing man-an. We is a doing Massa: we is a doing right Massa.

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  22. One, i’m not a braggart and two, you don’t know much of what goes on in Jamaica. If you wish to be a student of the Victor Conte’s of this world, let him give you a list of his clients and go spend some time cleaning your backyard. Until then, i don’t wanna see you sniffing around mine. Capiche?

  23. Walter Alexander

    Learn to brag and take pride in things worth bragging and taking pride in. They don’t test the athletes in Jamaica.

  24. So as entertaining as this buffoon is he is actually quite dangerous, because he is not alone, in this misandry of Jamaican male and misogynist views of the Jamaican female, of people of the Caribbean in general. I have encountered these tendencies in the highest of levels, to lowest of levels IN America. The same blacks we identify ourselves as brothers and sisters, the same is bitterly against us because of jealousy and raw envy.