Usain Bolt runs relay for Jamaica at 116th Penn Relays (4/24/10)

Stacey Runs Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. There are infact, Jamaicans in america.

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  4. I am left handed and I receive the button with my right hand since the guy that runs first leg is right handed, when I was younger I dropped the button and we lost so I have switched ever since.. Btw I am Kenyan Jamaican trust me Athletics doesn’t come bigger than that…..

  5. il mio sogno sarebbe di essere lì…su quel enorme tappeto rosso, con il cuore ke ti batte a 1000…il respiro ke piano piano ti manca… e indossare quella tuta gialla e verde. con la scritta “Jamaica” sul petto…e le mie scarpette chiodate…<3
    io x adesso sn sl 1 ragazza ke pratica atletica x passione e ke x adesso è in una piccola società...!! Un giorno vojio anke io rappresentare la mia tanto amata Jamaica...<3 x adesso è sl 1 grande sogno ma vojio realizzarlo a tt i costi...

  6. even the Americans r waving Jamaican flags lol

  7. Imagine you knowing your the fastest man in the world dame man i can imagine if i had that feeling ; ” (

  8. …and you’ve done an awesome job.

  9. Thanks for sharing; good to see the race from another angle; thanks for the close-ups of Bolt. I’ll be there next year.

  10. great video!

  11. I was in the photographer’s area right there on the curve. I was actually standing up and leaning on the wall of the grandstand. I work with the men’s and women’s track and field teams at Louisiana State Unviversity, and I am able to access the competition areas wherever we compete. I figured in addition to shooting video and writing stories on our teams and since I had that kind of access to the track, it would be pretty cool to put together a short video of Usain Bolt running at the meet.

  12. It’s also measured from zone.

  13. TranceRevolved

    It was soooo loud when Bolt came out. Was great turnout. Bigger than normal. West Philly!

  14. The organizers at Penn made special arrangements to accurately (FAT, fully automatic timing) measure Bolt’s anchor leg. He has a running start and the 8.79 is accurate time for his 100m anchor leg with the running start (the official start line would be exactly in the middle of the exchange zone).

  15. JamaicanMan876

    Usain is the Man .

  16. That being said, I’m sure you feel better about YOURSELF now. LOL at the irony (i even feel a little better myself).

  17. he ran 8.79 for about 90 meters…you can’t split a 4×100 accurately. each leg is a different length

  18. dude he ran a 8.79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. you R ALL liars. non of your were there. you just feel better about yourself when you lie.

  20. haha suck it tyson gay.

  21. I noticed that Bolt’s first stride was with the leg that was in front and not the trial leg. Is this common with other sprinters? cuz the team on the outside does not do that instead his first step was with his trial leg?

  22. SmoothCriminalRaunaq

    I was there, it was amazing.

  23. In my lovely city of Philly yeahhhhh bolt

  24. giants42champs

    I was there too. The race was amazing but where was he givin autographs.

  25. was there too. and then i met him when he was coming out and shook his hand and got an autograph.