Usain Bolt runs 9.76 in Rome Diamond League – from Universal Sports

Stacey Runs Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Chatarapha, you are correct about the differences in time. However technically the fastest European time is 9.87 by UK’s Linford Christie. Lamaitre’s time of 9.92 is the fastest “native European” time. Also the fastest time from an African representative is 9.85 by Olusoji A. Fasuba May 12, 2006 in Doha. My point about us all being from Africa was not about slavery, but about evolution. Good points though.

  2. or without slavery, after all the best african time is 9.86s and the best european time is 9.92s, not a big difference, not nearly as big a difference as the difference between 9.92s and 9.58s

  3. posting the time and win really ruins the video dont you think UniversalSports???

  4. You really got to give Lemaitre some credit. He just beat 4 Jamaicans

  5. It’s cool. I know you are as excited as everyone else is for the Olympic 100m final. I know I can’t wait.

  6. Oh yeah thats right. Didn’t even think about that

  7. MrTelaviv123, You are an intelligent, gentleman. Don’t get dragged in to useless, ugly debates.
    I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

  8. You are right, without Africa there would be no Jamaica because the majority of our population roots go back to Africa.I have no problem with that conclusion.

  9. MrTelaviv123, now you know you are not right about saying the UK wouldn’t have those athletes if it wasn’t for JAM. Because we are all from Africa. So, should I say, “without Africa there would be no JAM”? No I would not say that.
    You are right about the pool size to choose from. Just like Bolt and Powell broke US records someone will break theirs. When? Who knows? We all will be watching in August and it will be very exciting. May the best Human win.

  10. Last Olympics JAM had 11 medals in track and field. The US had 23. Last years World Champs US 22, JAM 13. Where do you get that “we are a tiny Island and we DESTROY usa in track!”? Lately in the sprints JAM has beaten the US, but track is more than just sprinting. There are 47 Track & Field events (24 men’s/23 women’s) in the Olympics. Look at the TOTAL medal counts. Don’t just limit it to 2-3 events.

  11. Most of the USA runners were at the Prefontaine meet in Oregon the next day.

  12. @phebe PPL stop listening to someone who dnt know anything bout track and field jus running his mouth full of racist and negative crap I love track and field to the fullest I love competition why cuz it brings out the best out of everyone so please ppl ignore is stupid ass silence is the most powerful weapon u can give to sumbody

  13. I Forgot about him too where is his parents from

  14. So true along with Mark Lewis Francis also.

  15. These announcers are so irritating. BOLT IS Where did he went. Pure bandwagonist.

  16. lol at the announcer talking as if Bolts was running hard when he Ran a 10.05 smh…

    and what is with this “BOLT IS BACK” ? HE NEVER LEFT!

  17. What american besides gay can beat bolt blake and powell when they’re at their best? I’m american and even I can admit that when it comes to the 100m & the 200m Jamaica is number 1 at the moment.

  18. Not to mention dwain chambers his parents are Jamaican

  19. Does this asshole realize that yohan blake and usain bolt hold the world record in the 4×100 and Bolt has 3 other world records in the 100,200, and 150 which he’s broken over and over. The U.S. only has Tyson Gay and Gatlin to even contend let alone win at the 100 or 200. Learn wtf your saying and stop trolling.

  20. Why are you constantly over the net trolling about Jamaican athletes.? Give it a break. Were you a victim of a love relationship gone awry with some Jamaican dude? Country size does make a difference because a larger country have a bigger pool to choose from.Without Jamaica the UK would never had athletes like Christie, Colin Jackson, Kelly Holmes, Denise Lewis, Sanders and even Jessica Ennis today.You are going to have a heart attack because JA will be on top for a few more years.

  21. powell alllllllllways gives up if he actually tried he’d def be up where he used to be running 9.7’s

  22. not gon hate i love da sport too much to hate i love da u.s. n jamaica rival n i love us. just bring it lol