Usain Bolt runs 46.74 at Camperdown Classic

Stacey Operates Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Da rkFenixShock

    I usually run fast at night, slows me a bit when i am exposed to sun…

  2. dagameplayer30

    he was literally jogging this

  3. Keith Eubanks

    True but he does not train for it anymore he says he hates the training

  4. chookalatemuffin

    you do know that before all this usain bolt was a 400m runner? at age 17 i believe he competed in the junior world olympics and ran a 45 sec 400m, breaking national record? and actually 200m runners do a lot of 400m runs to build their strength. Not only that but his build was meant for 400m. His long strides and legs actually make in slow out of the starting block.

  5. Sheldon Brown

    Thats were he started… 400.

  6. TonyStone3000

    How can you tell that he isn’t a 400m runner?

  7. Keith Eubanks

    Just like micheal johnson cant run the 100

  8. Keith Eubanks

    Bolt is not a 400 man if he trains for it he will be good

  9. gregory simons

    I think its better to be known as the SUPER FAST guy, than the guy who can run very far.

  10. Training is still very tough. It is extremely intense when done correctly and you can end up vomiting because it puts so much stress on the CNS

  11. Hieden Cummings

    No one asked you.

  12. lol, he’s dying in the future he’s going to destroy it with records.

  13. AlphaDraconis7

    yeah..i mean 46.74 is such a terrible time isnt it!

  14. You can tell he not a 400m runner

  15. I believe if Bolt trians for the 400m he will be the best ever. He has the speed He just needs what we call speed endurance. his build actually is more for a 200m and 400m runner… with those legs he would kill the field. 400m training is another affair my friends. IT KILLS!!! lol

  16. That doesn’t even make sense.

  17. Marcoserafin15

    I couldn’t tell which one was bolt

  18. When you consider in 2003 Jamaican High School Nationals he ran 45.35 as a 16 year old in 2003, he was running great times back then for the 400m.. But training for the 400m is totally different to the 100m and 200m.


    Finally he does the 400m!

  20. As a teenager I was 2nd in the country for my age group in the 100 metres and ran anchor for the 1st place 4x100m team in the nation. Running the 400m is a different animal all together that I was not good at, it uses different muscles that will burn like fire in your legs and lungs like 1000 pissed off scorpions. When Usain gets his endurance built up over a couple years he will be one of, if not the best in the world at 400m.

  21. Lmao he’s like never againnnn

  22. Well 46.72 isn’t that great for the ‘fastest man alive’.