Usain Bolt & Maurice Greene interview.avi

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  1. caramelhoney29

    2 legends…nice interview!

  2. @TheAngeltoDemon..stfu and stop lying, prick! U don’t know ANYONE & u don’t
    know SHIT, dick-head!!!

  3. his form is fine. at worlds with his starts he was having he would have
    smashed the world record.

  4. TheAngeltoDemon

    @Max0077 Which part? The fact that Bolt has not neared his 08/09 form? or
    glenn mills?

  5. Great Athlete????? So because Bolt has ran faster times than Greene make
    him a legend. So that means that guys like Jesse Owens, Michael Johnson,
    Bob Hayes and even Lewis aren’t legends? They help pave the way for Bolt
    and other of this generation to have a chance to become legends. Bolt
    accomplishments are legendary, but if you can recognize Greene’s
    accomplishment as legendary then you don’t know the evaluation of sports.
    Greene is a legend in his own right and what he accomplished

  6. TheAngeltoDemon

    The retard is you. I’ve done plenty of research into the issue.Not even
    enough space here to fully answer you. Just realize, that there is no such
    thing as a superman. Testing is always a step behind. It has nothing to do
    with some shithole Jamaican facility. It’s all about the
    manager/coach/agent/dealer relationship. For 100k, you get undetectables,
    so good, you just rub them on like lotion. It’s all out there. Jamaica =
    China of the early 90’s, Bolt=Marion Jones, Blake=Ben Johnson.

  7. Mark BFitness

    @TheAngeltoDemon maybe but remember a good athlete doesn’t always make a
    good coach.

  8. TheAngeltoDemon

    What happened to his starts? His starts in 08/09 were perfect and
    ridiculous, all of the sudden, that’s why he’s slower? Has anyone compared
    his splits from his fastest races, i wonder if his top speed has been the
    same, then you can blame your start.

  9. I totally agree. I think michael johnson would be an ideal coach or even a
    mentor to bolt.

  10. @dreddlocked1 Greene was World Champion 3x and Olympic Champion, and
    reigned 1997-2002. He was more than a challenger. And he has great rapport
    with his athletes, he is a big fan and ambassador of Track

  11. TheAngeltoDemon

    I know Glenn mills is a popular coach, but honestly, i think the retired
    greats would be able to coach very well. Micahel Johnson in particular,
    Maurice Greene, these guys have so much experience and I’m sure they would
    be able to help Bolt quite a bit. Bolt has so much natural talent, but his
    form needs to be tweaked.

  12. charliehustlenflow

    oh my god ur so dumb how can u be anything more than the best in your era.
    ur retarded

  13. Funny thing about Bolt is that, he’s full of energy, but when he talks he
    seems so chilled

  14. Kervin Ebanks

    there is a difference in legend, and great athlete..greene=great athlete,
    bolt=legend. and greene doubted bolt would win gold again, i dont know why,
    but he did. greene has done a lot of cool great things, its just bolt has
    done those things a lot faster.

  15. TheAngeltoDemon

    Of course there are no facts known to anyone, but there are circumstances
    that create suspicion. I don;t work in a lab, but i know people who take
    PEDs, have spoken to former olympians who’ve taken PEDs. The first reaction
    is i have this bias AGAINST bolt/jamaica, which is not true at all. Any
    country who dominates the sprints, which is purely physical, is suspect,
    that is the main point. The jumps have been to big in recent years. Fun to
    watch, but shady.

  16. Kervin Ebanks my friend, ONE legend, and ONE bald head fool who doubted THE legend
    that is USAIN BOLT

  17. Kervin Ebanks

    i know blake ran a great time today..9.69 great proud of him, but
    trust me..just stop for a bit and trust me, u will never see anyone other
    than Usain Bolt break his 9.58. IF you do see it broken by someone else,
    well im wrong and you know more and are a much wiser person..records are
    meant to be broken true, but legends arent born everyday either.

  18. BadgerTvJordan

    Can I say greenes the third most successful sprinter ever Lewis was the
    first till bolt won the 4x100m medal at Moscow this year

  19. When Jason Young and Warren Weir start to ‘dominate’ in a couple years,
    we’ll be here waiting 4 ur ‘DOPE’ theories!!!

  20. TheGaynor1972


  21. whats the point in being labeled a “legend” if all u have to do is be the
    best of your era?… bolt is NOW setting records in a margin that has never
    b4 been set..these records will stand the test of time. and his recent feat
    of winning the 100m and 200m and 4×100 back to back olyimpics is a feat
    worthy of someone to be called a TRUE legend..but ill just end it and say,
    i guess in your opinion there can be a lot of legends, but in my opinion,
    there is only one…and his name is Bolt.

  22. so i guess the athletes you like don’t do it huh? here is the thing, if you
    can’t prove a thing with factual evidence then it is just your opinion. If
    you are going to point out who is taking and who ain’t as if you really
    some expert or are privy to some information that the rest of us don’t have
    then you might as well say that every athlete is using something until they
    are proven not to. Sounds like you are hating, that’s all. here is my
    observation. your mother was on crack when she had you.

  23. TheAngeltoDemon

    It’s possible, but just highly unlikely IMO. No question he is an amazing
    talent. Here is generally what troubles me, the sudden rise of jamaican
    dominance has happened only in the past decade, and the reasoning is that
    because the world isn’t on drugs anymore/america in particular, jamaica can
    now rise. My ONLY issue with that is that they are suddenly running drugged
    up times.

  24. You’re a fool if can’t recognize Greene’s greatness. Outside of Bolt
    accomplishments, Greene is probably the most accomplished 100m sprinter
    than anyone else in history. 3x World 100m champion, 60m world champion,
    200m world champion, olympic 100m champion, former 100m world record
    holder, still 55 & 60m world record holder. The only man, including Bolt to
    hold world titles from 60m to 200m at the same time (1999), also only man
    to hold world records at 55m, 60m, 100m.

  25. Don’t get me wrong, you made a lot of points which I agree with and Bolt
    what he did not just from Beijing but even tracing back to his youth years,
    record holder in the youth, Junior and Senior circuit is was a legend
    coming up and became the greatest of all times.