Usain Bolt in 2012 Rome Diamond League ( 9. 76 )

Stacey Runs Online video Rating: four / 5

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  1. HackingDutchman

    Who’s watching this and also does athletics?

  2. TYSON GAY WILL MAKE IS DEBUT IN NEW YORK THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 9TH 2012! Yohan Blake will be there also, but they will NOT race each other. This will be Gay’s only race before the US trials. Google news for Tyson Gay if you need proof.

  3. I can’t

  4. Not sure who’s running 200m, I know Bolt,Blake, Lemaitre. from the U.S Dix, Maybe Gatlin and Spearman.

  5. Nah I doubt it, I reckon he will medal for 200m but 100m would be hard.

  6. Either way, whoever wins, places, or shows, it’s going to be a barn burner! We can only speculate on what is to happen. My vision is: Bolt/Gay/Powell/Blake/Gatlin/Dix/Lemaitre/?. That’s my top 8 (healthy). I can’t wait!

  7. Lemaitre should run 100m there’s more chance of a medal than 200m.

  8. Point taken, am leaving all medals open.

  9. If Gay is healthy he will beat Powell and Blake. Powell and Blake better watch out for Gatlin.

  10. Usel start på bana 9

  11. Sans être chauvin : si Bolt a pris un faux départ et si Powell est dopé, ça y est La Frannnnnce est championne du monde, bientôt ! Bon, en attendant, c’est du 10,04 !! Très humblement. 

  12. He’s 36

  13. Asafa stopped running with 20 to go.he said he didint hear the ‘set’ and ‘go’.. i think he will come back stronger.. Obviously Usain is just insane so early in the season

  14. Too much yam an

  15. jenniefire2014

    Asafa Powell just about beat Bolt but he didn’t kinda close tho but Bolt is the worlds fastest man

  16. How old is Kim Collins?

  17. MrGloryglorymanutd18

    slow start from powell here

  18. OasisMadf3rit

    True but this hasn’t been guaranteed. He says he wants to focus on the 200m and win it (in his dreams) and that if things change then he may well run 100m too. I think he could though because why else would he be running a lot of 100m’s lately? Surely it would already be scrapped from his timetable with only a month to go till olympics.

  19. WojcikMateusz

    Lemaitre will not win a medal on 100m ’cause he won’t be running on 100m in London. He will only be competing on 200m…

  20. WojcikMateusz

    His last name is Lemaitre. Not Limaitre.

  21. Think Gay will push Powell hard for bronze.

  22. Agreed.