Usain Bolt brushes off Justin Gatlin jibes and ‘bad form’ rumours

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  1. lmao na tru

  2. 9.58 and 19.19 at the age of 22, twice Olympic champ in 100, 200 and 4×100 …boring?

    Don’t go blaming Gatlin for making you embarrass yourself.

  3. You, Gatlin and Carl Lewis are like Fox News hate campaigners.

    You just say stuff to say stuff …9.63 in ya skin.

  4. u were saying???

  5. You certainly did great things.

  6. Reply given 😀

  7. Americans need to understand that their time in 100m is well and truly up! There is no more Michael Johnson’s, Justin Gatlin’s, Marion Jones’, Tyson Gay’s, it’s all about the Blake’s, the Bolt’s, the Campbell Brown’s . . . US Athletes have almost single handedly destroyed a great sport, if it wasn’t for people like Usain Bolt the game would be extinct! Show some respect Gatlin! Being a sour, bitter, jealous, immature, spoilt little brat isn’t doing oneself any favours.

  8. gatlin you whining little drug cheat loser. nobody is thinks of you when it comes to sprinting. they only think of one person and i don’t need to mention his name…………haha

  9. Dam Gatling your drugged up bad to make such a comment obviously you don’t know a true Jamaican champion when you see one. Go drown your self in your sorrows.

  10. Tyson. you cant call Tyson. Yohan is back. i love Blake

  11. fantastischfish

    I love how he quite casually said (I paraphrase): “Gatlin has to get past these 3 slower guys before he even gets close to me”. I love Bolt’s confidence and understanding of his talent. So many athletes say, “Oh I can’t believe I did it”, but Bolt seems to appreciate that he has broken down barriers in the sport and has a real talent, and he doesn’t shy away from it. He stands on the start line, knows how he feels in his head and body, and knows that if he feels right, he is going to win.

  12. i couldnt have said it better myself. this guy gatlin needs to go do some real research on jamaican people; nothing or no one can scare us. we are coming from cojo, nanny, marcus garvey, paul bogle, sam sharp…..  “kill us today, we will rise tomorrow” and when we come back we come back harder and wiser than before. gatlin (the pussy cat) just wish he could be bolt, thats all there is to it.

  13. Justin Gatlin is a world class penis.

  14. blake, bolt + powell will own gay and gatlin

  15. Yeah. You don’t follow track and field much do you. I know it is olympic time so there are going to be alot of know-it-alls the pop up. But the statement that you made should be delete from this board for it stupidity. Gay has been hurt for all the big meets in the last four years so there was no reason to speak on him. Time for you to go back to hibernation for the next four years.

  16. Fuck Justin Bieber/Gatlin

  17. troll

  18. Gatlin is just looking for something to hype about just to stay in the media lol lol lol poor fool

  19. Good response Usain..Gatlin yapping his beak trying to get hype off Usain’s fame. To attract sponsors, most likely. Guess he’ll have to learn the hard way like Gay did in Berlin ’09 what it feels like to experience immortality up close, and get burned in the process.

  20. haha Bolt afraid of drug up Gatlin,, what a joke,,,

  21. Go suck off Usain yer pleb.

  22. why the fuck would bolt be afraid of gatlin? he’s not a fucking pussy like you lol! faggot hes not scared of anyone. btw 9.80 was run with a +1.8, 9.76 into a .1, gatlin can suck a dick, dont got shit on usain

  23. *Ludicrous

  24. Bolt afraid of Gatlin? Luducrious to say the least.

  25. I think any logically thinking person would realize that 9.80 is still a far way off from 9.58. I think Gatlin has a really good chance of winning a medal at this year’s Olympics – just not the gold medal.