Usain Bolt 9.79 Oslo 100m Diamond League 2012 ENGLISH HD

Stacey Runs Video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. HackingDutchman

    Who’s watching this and also does athletics?

  2. wheres te white boy?

  3. -_-

  4. He tiger kneed that bish

  5. stop watching porn 😀

  6. Asafa = ALL OVER THE LANE

  7. NeneValleyHarriers

    What? Tyson Gay’s BEST performances are better than Usain Bolt’s CURRENT performances. Even with everyone’s “this is worth this with this wind”etc arguments – Tyson Gay still ran 9.71 in Berlin in 2009.

    Tyson Gay’s current performances are NOT better than Usain Bolt’s current performances. But what I was saying IS true, because statistically it is true.

  8. what the hell are u trying to say,,,tyson gay is capable of running quicker than bolt right now,, what u are saying make sense,,explain yourself

  9. Well said, except that you do realize that he is way past his prime age now. He just is about to turn 30, and that is the time when a 100 meters sprinter is to be retired soon. 

  10. just watched the newyork race.will i told you so be in order.rem usain world record is 9.58.he is good at winning races too.i see a clean sweep for Jamaicans.maybe bolt,asafa and blake or cater?the list is endless lol

  11. He’s got a wicked start but once his head is up his knees are going a bit too high. Perhaps if he corrects that and for once run the whole 100 (instead of running 90 and just following thru with the last 10) he might run 9.6

  12. 2:14 - BRAZZERS!

  13. last lol

  14. I am not being raciest but every time i watch track i just watch to see where the white or asian person places. lol

  15. NeneValleyHarriers

    It’s mathematically true –
    Although Bolt is running waaaaaaaaaay faster than Tyson Gay is right now. We shall see what happens in London 2012 🙂

  16. NeneValleyHarriers

    “Tyson Gay is capable of running quicker than Bolt’s current performances” – Bolt is running 9.79, 9.76 – Tyson Gay’s pbs are quicker than those times, ergo Tyson Gay is capable (meaning, has the capacity to), ergo – that makes him a contender.

  17. I don’t understand you. What makes Tyson Gay able to run quicker than Bolt right now?

  18. NeneValleyHarriers

    Yes, and Bolt’s 9.58 was actually worth a 9.4 in perfect conditions. The time you run (and legal) is the time you run. Because Tyson Gay is capable of running quicker than Bolt’s current performances – that makes him a contender.

  19. FirstManOnThePoon

    Bolt and Powell make up a great sprinting team. They carry the Jamaican team epically.

  20. please look at the wind readings on tyson gays 9.69 it had the maximum allowed wind (+2.0). It is actually worth a 9.79.

  21. JoeeyJawsWatson

    yeah the previous world record holder isn’t too slow!

  22. Why is he so fucking cool?

  23. Who are the children that come running to him just after he wins the race?

  24. NeneValleyHarriers

    Tyson Gay has run 9.69, non wind-assisted. He’s also run 9.68 wind assisted. If Tyson Gay remains injury free – then he IS a REAL contender to Bolt at this moment in time.

    Watch and wait to see how he does in New York!

  25. the question is in his top form usain bolt can do 9.6…can any other athlete boast of that?i kinda was hoping he will set a new world record and it would be 123 for jamaica in 100m finals during not so sure about the first with his current form.but def is going to be jamaica all the way in 100m.maybe 200m?