Usain Bolt 9.79 100m Oslo Diamond League 2012

Stacey Operates Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. In the famous words of Ludacris… Move Bitch Get Out the Way!!

  2. sofaplasmayps3

    poor guy….

  3. Speedometer (km/h & mph ) at bolt’s 9.58 , here –> watch?v=e1DRVzB4H-s

  4. asafa was real close

  5. osafa in his moda ass he doesnt lean thats why he loses hes races what a jack ass

  6. sofaplasmayps3

    4 dislikes wtf!!??

  7. I was there !!!! 😀

  8. bossofalltime

    @speedyslime93 Powell running bends gives him injury problems. Running 200s does not just make speed endurance for a 100m better. Powell’s max speed is fine, other than Bolt and Tyson has best splits ever 50-100m

  9. no powell has never admitted that, send me the link where asafa said that! asafa does have mental problems though but here he was fine

  10. wtf lol. he should just finish the race. why would he worry about other contenders? lol thanks for the response.

  11. The cheetahs are faster in jungle , Bolt is faster on the track field. Period

  12. When ever he’s leading in a race and someone challenges him he shuts down because he expects to be beaten. He’s admitted this himself. Google Asafa Powell mental problems.

  13. Agreed. I remember reading somewhere that the reason he didn’t want to do the 200 was because he was lazy, which is really sad. It’s kinda hard to watch talent like that go to waste. With what he’s accomplished thus far in his career I don’t think he would have to train in the 200 for very long to improve his speed and endurance for the 100. He could be running in the low 9.6’s right now.

  14. This surprises you?

  15. LOL the white guy finished last


  17. why do i hear from every single video of asafa that his main weakness is mentally towards the end?

  18. Also remember that Powell’s 9.84 (+0.9m/s) in Berlin wasn’t optimal – he did choke slightly. Compare it with Powell’s 9.72, his runs in Rieti ’07, Brussels ’08 and Oslo ’12 and you’ll see that Powell at his best doesn’t let Bolt gain ground until about 70m. If only Powell could duplicate those in major finals, and also see his main weakness – his last 30m. (As well as his psychological barrier of course)

  19. When us Brits say ‘top speed’ we mean 50-70m, and speed endurance 70-100m. Either way Powell needs to work on his last 30m. He held off Bolt here until 80. I think if he trained for the 100 and 200 he’d have better speed endurance and it would improve his bend running for relays. He could start his seasons running a few 200s then concentrate on the 100 from June.

  20. Well in that case its not the start we have to worry about its his top end speed. What we’re talking about here is his turn over rate (I think). After watching side profile of the 9.58 race in 2009, I noticed that when bolt comes out of his drive phase and begins to accelerate, so does Tyson as well as Asafa. However, when Bolt begins to pull away from the pack so does Tyson, but Asafa stays the same. I noticed is that Tyson’s turn over rate increases while Asafa’s doesn’t change.

  21. 0.37 BITCH !

  22. 1sushicheese1

    its not a final you idiot

  23. Massive!

  24. Fake: White guy in final.