Teenage Usain Bolt on Trans World Sport

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  1. All athlete feature on it are natural? williams sisters, neymar, tiger
    woods, roger federer
    look like it
    mostly non americans 

  2. “in a crowd he is so modest and humble, he doesn’t stand out, like some of
    these pretenders” Things change XD

  3. Teenage Usain Bolt on Trans World Sport

  4. I remember when i was younger , i used to get up at 6am to watch trans
    world sport

  5. Michael Wayne

    Watching this is a great way to maintain perspective. He has no idea what
    was to come, he just did the things that came instinctive to him and took
    things one day at a time.

  6. Jemal N. Mohammed

    Whenever I have a time, I would like to watch sport’s games because they
    engage me. One of my role model athletes is Usain Bolt; the world’s fastest
    person currently.

    I admire Usain Bolt from Jamaica as a role model because he is
    accomplished, legendary and striving. First, Bolt is a proficient runner.
    He has started practicing sports since he was young. Since then, he has
    competed in running, and he became an accomplished athlete. Second, Bolt is
    legendary because he is the world’s fastest runner. He runs so fast and
    currently, he holds the fastest runner record in the world by his category
    which is 100m and 200m. Also, he obtained Olympic gold medals six times and
    world championships eight times. As a result, International Association of
    Athletics Federation has awarded him as the athlete of the year five times.
    Third, Bolt is a striving and persistent person, working hard and never
    giving up. For example, once he was disqualified in a competition, because
    of his bad start and he wasted the race. However, he made himself for the
    next competitions. He said “competition is an easy part of sports because
    it takes a few minutes or hours. Nevertheless, practicing must be daily
    agenda and athletes must follow instructions and rules when they are
    practicing as well as competing, because they need concentration and
    patience to win’’. In conclusion, I admire Usain Bolt because he is
    successful and one of the most accomplished, legendry and striving

  7. Look at all these idiots whining about doping. EVERY world-class athlete is
    doping. If one person is doping, everyone else has to, to stay competitive.
    Bolt is no different, and he shouldn’t be crucified for it. Look at Lance
    Armstrong; caught doping and slain by the media, but his titles were never
    awarded to anyone else. Why? Because everyone else was doping. It’s only
    the people that fuck up their doping doses and timings that get caught.

    The best course to follow is simply to make doping regulated. It’s
    guaranteed to even the playing field and increases safety, as athletes
    don’t have to worry about correct dosing.

  8. pervis bennett

    I wonder if he was an American, would all of you HATERS still be screaming
    out “PED” HGH” “he cheated” bla bla fuckin bla……….. oh btw, who got
    caught for banned substances recently? TYSON GAY. Who got a 4 year bann
    from the sport? Justin Gatlin! USA! USA USA….. foh

  9. Too bad he copied Michael Johnson, that guy was a fraud and it looks like
    he has stepped in his footprints, his own doping scandal has already
    started. There is a high chance now that his world record will be made null
    and void because he most likely was full of dope and he cheated. 

  10. how do athletes dope despite all the drug tests?

  11. Inspirational 

  12. Jorel Byssainthe

    And the rest is history as they say

  13. Krishnaa Shanmugam

    So cool. Look at his muscle .

  14. so ur saying its impossible for someone to just naturally be able to run
    fast, either through rigorus training or a god given gift….. hmmmm

  15. UltraProle21

    Oh yeah, and Usain’s “coach” is a Steroid Expert who used to work for
    BALCO. Why would Usain hire Angel Heredia?

  16. ItsAllGood5225

    lol you negative cunts make me laugh. life must be shit 4 u

  17. He did run in 2004 he didn’t pass the first round

  18. DoUEvenLiftBro

    haters? it’s just track, I didn’t even know people watched it

  19. hes got no haters everybody love him bro

  20. Emmanuel Bamise

    thats life u kno?

  21. cfhighlightvideo

    well he does have a chemist helping him

  22. Why do these morons always come on a USAIN BOLT videos and come talk crap
    all the while without proofs. Instead of surfing the internet for USAIN
    videos to slander him, why don’t you take the the little time you have to
    waste and actually do something positive for your self and contribute to
    society instead of accusing someone who none of us don’t know falsely.

  23. Geez

  24. Natalie Thompson

    Exactly 10 years ago. Happy 27th Usain

  25. mydancehallmadness

    for real