Saint Clair Half Marathon field fills fast

If you are anticipating to begin your New Year’s resolution by devoting to Blenheim’s biggest half marathon, this might be too late. Tickets to finish in Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon on 9th May this year have already sold out.

Chris Shaw, the organizer, told that was the very first time that 3000 tickets had sold fastest, after it started selling from November. There were, however, still a few tickets for Vineyard Half Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa, he told.

In general, there was a quiet sales time over holiday break, but not this year, added he. They were really amazed. They sold twelve on the day of Christmas Day alone. The old New Year resolutions attracted a few sales. They had one on New Year’s Eve.

Tickets to the after party were also going out quite fast, with just more than two-hundred tickets left. Shaw was anticipating most people to come from out of town. He told that previous year, they has three-hundred-seventy-five people from Marlborough and he thinks that there are going to be a few more later this year and it is really great.

Marlborough Motel Association president Noel Noble told that there was hardly a room left for the weekend of the marathon. They are booked for that weekend. There is only one motel showing rooms in Blenheim.

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