Re-UP: Maurice Greene – The Greatest Sprinter Ever(ibsprintin Original)

Stacey Runs Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. 140662amarildo

    I,am sorry but Usain Bolt is the best ever now.

  2. ha,esta bien. oh crei que lo he visto tambien en ESPN. era durnate de la temporada de pista decubierta. Mo es el mejor corredor de todo el tiempo. HE IS THE GREATEST indeed my friend.

  3. speedyslime93

    I know, 6.39 has been broken many a time outdoors, but that’s often with the benefit of tailwinds and arguably faster tracks (aswell as, to a lesser extent, altitude and weather). It’d be much better more 6.3s and 6.4s indoors for a change.

  4. VCthaGOATdunker

    YESSSSS I’ve been looking for this video for months now and I finally found it again!!
    Thanks for re uploading this fantastic video!

  5. bolt already broke 6.39.. he’s first 60m of the 100 in berlin was 6.29.

  6. how fast are yu


  8. espn le hizo un homenaje a mo greene

  9. speedyslime93

    I really wish Bolt, Powell and Gay would compete over 60 metres more often. I appreciate they focus more on their winter training geared towards the 100, but I want to see if Bolt or Powell can break 6.39. What do you think ibsprintin?

  10. More More More videos of athletic !! awesome ;D


    wow at the end it sounded like he said “i was jus playn around” dat strikes me

  12. Yea you could say that but he finished just as well as he started so im not sure its the right word to use. My coach always says that hes the best sprinter technicaly

  13. Greene is Mr Starter. 2 INDOOR 6.39’s

  14. If Gatlin is the long strider and Gay is mr top end speed then what is Greene? anyone

  15. sprinter, & fan(not addicticted).lol. just love it.

  16. PantherFistSnakeArm

    hey man, gr8 channel, thanks for reuploading this.
    Is it possible that you could re-upload the maurice greene’s maximum performance?
    Thanks again

  17. i notice you’ve done quite a few vids. Are you a sprinter? or just a dedicated fan?

    btw i loved the justin gatlin – long strider video…keep them coming!

  18. how do you make that the sound is ok? I have zhe same problem with video .. can you help me, PLEASE

  19. no this is the same audio from the original, no changes. they just made me mute it. but i decided 2 upload again but i guess this time they didn`t mute, but if they try, they got somethin comin.

  20. Did youtube make you change the music again?