Ostrava GOLDEN SPIKE 2010 – 100m Men – Asafa Powell won in 9.83 sec MR!

Stacey Operates Online video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. This is probably one of asafa’s best races

  2. naah. he was fast here. but i think it was more like 6.4 / 6.45. in the 9.74 WR he got a measured 6.33 i think,

  3. if he would run like this vs bolt then he would have much more wins against him

  4. would like to know what he clicked at the 60m mark..probably a 6.35 or so

  5. samuraisprinter

    Maybe yes.

  6. randomperson331

    it means im shaking my head at your ignorant ass for bringing up stupid shit that has no relevance whatsoever

  7. TheBaseballrocks23

    wut dus that mean

  8. randomperson331


  9. thats tyrone edgar not mark lewis francis

  10. TheBaseballrocks23

    And the white guy lost.

  11. Hahahha his lane tag sticker is upside down

  12. Not a problem.

  13. Thank you :)

  14. Meet record

  15. what is MR?

  16. CawChampionshipWE

    best form ever

  17. And you have the right to say that why? Has walter Dix ever held the world record for the 100 m? Oh yeah he hasnt.

  18. Asafa had a disgustingly good start.

  19. Sprinters are born, sure they have to train to maximise it. But there are just some people who will train all their life and will never EVER run 10 seconds. Its in your genes, you are either born a sprinter, or you are not. The training is important and forms part of it, by most part of it is in your genes, thats what i mean by natural.

  20. its not raw. he has worked for that pace and power his entire life. sprinting of that magnitude is not possible with raw talent. NO ONE and i mean NO ONE has made times like asafa with pure raw talent.

  21. Imagine if Asafa Powell played rugby or NFL when he was younger. He is 6’3 and packed with muscles. Whether he has the ball skills, probably not, but what raw pace and power.

  22. if he is trash, what are you dickhead? he has an olympic gold medal, and 4 world championship medals. Walter dix only has 2medals. Powell has roasted him everytime bar 1 race. did he choke in berlin last year…no, he was injured and did he best he could for bronze. asshole. he was the only man to beat usain bolt over 100m before this year. dont talk when you have no idea what your saying.

  23. Maannnn Asafa Powell is SOOOO TRASSHHHH!!!! Okay he’ll run a good time at a Little League Meet! but he Chokes at EVERYYY big time meet he goes 2!!! He’s terrible under pressure!! If he wants to be put in the same conversation as Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay he’s going to have to prove that he deserves it in a high profile meet!! There’s younger up and coming guys like Walter Dix who produce when the spot lights on them and thats why they are talked about like they are!!

  24. asafa jogging at 0:18 – 0:22

  25. Isn’t that Tyrone not Mark LF!?