maurice greene`s maximum performance

Stacey Runs Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. drug cheat

  2. AddingMusicWeekly

    I like the commercial with the doritoes and the little kid… that ones good.

  3. The best sprinter ever ! 😀

  4. TheAngeltoDemon

    or even Bob Hayes.

  5. TheAngeltoDemon

    I’m pretty sure he would still have been one of the most dominant sprinters/jumpers in history. he was poetry in motion, michael johnson’s coach also made the observation that Owen’s running style was similiar to his, compact but very efficient. It would be nice if we didn’t have football season one year, because i think alot of the NFL players could tear up the sprints, of course with alot of hardwork, training, and shedding uneccesary musle weight for track.

  6. just making sure..:)

  7. BreakUsainBolt

    Look at how big Walter Dix’s legs have tree trunked also. And Justin Gatlin looks bigger now than when he was caught Juicin.

  8. BreakUsainBolt


  9. there is no 11:13 ???

  10. ccfootballfan1

    no ur right i never will

  11. lol who the fuck you think u are
    in you fuckin life u will never fucking run 9.79

  12. Maurice will always be one of the greatest in my mind. What an amazing sprinter he was.

  13. kendrickjackson13


  14. AWESOME!!!

  15. Thank you, exactly. People just say juicing, like it’s nothing to it. I did 10.5 with hand and my coach told me that special mix of ,,stuff”( every ”product” is for different purpose) I could loose half second at least. I didn’t go with it, but even after years remember that feeling of speed…..

  16. you have to have natural ability to become an elite sprinter juicing or not! if it was as easy as simply take juice and break records then we’d see you racing in the olympics!!! juicing adds to their natural ability thus produce the freakish results!

  17. thats funny 😀

  18. Depends on the runner. Ato Boldon used to like an approach of driving out, being patient and hitting it from 50-150m because at the end hanging on for 5 seconds isn’t too much (at that level)…..others hammer it from the start and see how far they get out before hanging on for dear life!

  19. How did this same technique apply when he ran longer distances such as the 200m.

  20. Something as simple as a foot race is broken down to a science……amazing!

  21. ccfootballfan1

    thats Usain’s minimum performance

  22. MrBusunglueck

    look wikipedia boy

  23. bossofalltime

    Jesse Owens is a legend, there is no harm in speculating what he was capable of if around today. sub9.90 I believe

  24. blessedbranch

    Live in reality, now, not in the past.

  25. BreakUsainBolt

    one word – BALCO