Maurice Greene/Donovan Bailey/Bruny Surin – Olympics (100m Round 2 Heats) – Sydney, Australia (2000)

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  1. Mauricio Nuñez

    a baby troll posting……XD

  2. All these guys are so serious  fuck sake give me Usain and the Beast, lol

  3. Kim Collins is the best, he is still around today.

  4. no, do you even know what an achilles is? It is awesome that he ran sub 10.0 while injured, but not with an achilles problem

  5. I love Donovan Bailey…will always be one of the greatest sprinters of all time.

  6. damn…white guy finally did something

  7. He still did rupture an achilles and did run sub 10, though.

  8. it was a hamstring injury

  9. 19:05 – 19:17…sad day

  10. He ran 9.98 after an achilles rupture? Gives us achilles rupture victims hope.

  11. rickrollingisgay

    no, the sprinters today just have better roids then 12 years ago

  12. Tshepo Mabusela

    These guys look very slow in comparison to the athletes of today. I guess the training style has changed these days.