Maurice Greene vs Usain Bolt: Trailer

Stacey Runs Video clip Rating: 5 / five

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  1. It’s scary how seemingly easy Usain Bolt makes these insane feats seem. Still have mad respect to my man Greene though.

  2. I think Greene is better , his legs are quicker, whereas bolt has huge reach advantage so he doesnt need quick legs

  3. DUDE I said this 2yrs ago… at that time Greene STILL held the record. Powell does have the record but he didn’t when I made the comment. LOL so …..check your facts!!

  4. Not true, Asafa powell has more sub 10 than any other sprinter, check the facts

  5. BreakUsainBolt

    ; )


  7. Just stupid? No you’re just a Bolt nut hugger that only started following t&f after the 2008 Olympics. You know nothing about the sport. ‘Slow pokes’ like Maurice who still run a faster 60m, Micheal who is 2 seconds faster in a 400 and Lewis who has jumped 8.80m+ bolt hasn’t done anything like that.

    ‘records will never be broken’ – RECORDS WILL ALWAYS BE BROKEN FOOL! You are Olympic and world champion forever, you dominate your own era forever.

  8. MrRedskins0021

    Your comment is just stupid. Lewis, greene and Micheal johnson are not even close to bolt. He doesn’t have to dominate for 7 years cause his records will never be broken. He could jog and beat those three slow pokes.

  9. You mean Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Maurice Green right? You can argue about second, third and fourth place, but first place will always belong to Michael Johnson

  10. at 1:05 bolt opens up Vtec! lol

  11. xenomorphelv426

    cmon dude 9.58. the number don’t give a flying fuck about carl Lewis or maurice Green.

    These former recordman are completely outclassed. Bolt IS THE KING of 100m and surely for a long time before to be beaten…

  12. xenomorphelv426

    the greatest sprinter is not the one who dominates the longest time, but the one who made the best chrono time.

    Bolt is just unreachable. and the only one who can Break his record is himself.

  13. I agree

  14. 1. height has nothing to do and there is no way to prove it.
    2. Tyson Gay is the only athlete to approximate very close to top-speed of Bolt, in other words, their top-speed are almost identical.

  15. I wonder what Mo (5’9) would have ran if he was 6′ 5. To date he still has one of the best drive phases of all time. Bolt is just a freak of nature. Most tall guys can’t achieve anywhere near his speed.

  16. No beef with Jamaican sprinters. they just haven’t done what Lewis, Greene and Johnson have done YET. Fastest ≠ Greatest. Carl, Mo and Mike have had the records, medals, titles, LONGEVITY and LEGACY that Bolt, Gay and Powell don’t have YET. thats why they’re the greatest. Also, Powell is not a champ like Bolt/Gay. He is the current Burrell to Lewis/Ato to Maurice. Will probably always play second/third fiddle.

  17. bolt and asafa are faster than carl, maurice and micheal, whats your beef with jamaican sprinters? 7+ years until someone faster came along, that was asafa, now we have bolt. outside of jamaican sprinters their is tyson. thats it. carl micheal nd maurice dream to be as talented as these 3 guys.

  18. Morice Gryne it,s a bullshit comparate to the King Yuseein Wolt!!!

  19. Bolt without a doubt !

  20. I like Maurice. He was fun to watch but even he said Bolt is on whole ‘nother level. I think he’s right

  21. ye peeps….wuz d name of this beat?

  22. Maurice Greene is ALL TIME,FASTES & greatest in TRACK.. ,I practice with HIM,and hes a legend

  23. those guys did not dominate for 7 years from time to time they got beaten Usain Bolt is the greatest Maurice Green and Michael Johnson say so. Carl Lewis gay and a drug cheat

  24. Will will will…It hasn’t happened yet

  25. Freeportku001

    How fast Bolt is .. that will no problem for him to win for another 7 years EASY. Remember he did beat your guiy on your list record, which was unbreakable for like 15 years. So Bolt, no one can touch him he’ll be unbeatable for 7 years EASY.