maurice greene and asafa powell 2004 olympic heat 9.93

Stacey Runs Online video Ranking: 3 / five

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  1. not really. asafa chokes on the big stage. greene didnt, he had the mental side over asafa. asafa could be #1 now but he just doesnt have the winners mentality when its crunch time

  2. titusbrambleisahero

    That’s good sprinting.

  3. If you took asafa power now and raced him against a prime green. Greene would be toast.

  4. speedyslime93

    Why so many dislikes? Sure the quality isn’t great, but HD wasn’t around in 2004. This was ridiculously fast for an Olympic heat! The effort Powell and Greene put in here in this heat shows the fierce rivalry they had in 2004

  5. Maurice Greene has the best start than any sprinters of today, Usain Bolt has the best finish.
    But this video is very impressive I don’t remenber this race, he’s dominated

  6. SuperJenkins88

    type gift before youtube

  7. see how long he holds it not five years like green

  8. No but he’s dominated for 5 years… Bolts a pussy. He breaks a world record and sets a retirement date before he has even won a second world or olympic title… He knows somebody is gonna smoke him…

  9. i love Mo. i’m a Powell fan also. AP got the best form i’ve seen in a while since Mo Greene.

  10. last time I check this video wasn’t about Usain Bolt. This was about Maurice Greene and Asafa Powell.

  11. so what? has he ever run 9.58, lol? or 19.19

  12. Greene was ranked 1 in the 100m for about 5 years, from 1998 to 2002. Even though that Montgomery took over the number 1 spot when he set the world record in 2002, that was nulled and void, along with Chambers 9.87 timing. If you null and void those 2, Greene held that spot for those years. Also Greene was ranked number 1 by the IAAF in the 200m in 1999.

  13. Ay i didnt kno Maurice raped Asafa like dat. lol

    He put it on em


  15. MO Greene was very dominate

  16. grenne gay bolt i say

  17. USA! ^_^

  18. Asafa!

  19. Bolt!


  21. Usain Bolt is the GAOT

  22. Usain Bolt is the greatest ever

  23. that was the best Powells form ever looked-he jogged in 9.99 amazing…

  24. GOAT USA

  25. Greene great!