maurice greene 9.82 side view 2 2001 edmonton

Stacey Runs Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. mauricioalfredo83

    for all smart people…any kind of injury will slow U down couse U have to recoer from it, loosing time and “weakening” the knee in this case….plus the powerfull sprint record havent beaten since 14 years…and when maurice was runing he didnt use suits like technfit ones…

  2. montgomery was coming in like a hurricane in that race

  3. I don’t think this race would of gotten him a sub 9.7. I honestly think that had his knee not messed up that he would of gotten about 9.72-9.76. There is no way that this injury added almost two tenths of a second to his time. Bolt purposely slowed down in Beijing and ran 9.69. He then ran seemingly full speed in Berlin and ran 9.58. If even Bolt with all his speed couldn’t take 2 tenths off his time, then I doubt Greene would have in this race. And Greene is my fave sprinter besides Powell.

  4. thesprintmaster

    iv been runnig track along time and i can tell u from the looks of that race his injury didnt slow him down that much.9.82-9.69 is a huge gap when ur talking about the 100m. at best it would have been 9.79 if his injury even really did slow him down.

  5. mo ran the first 60m in 6.29!!!!!!!!! imagine the time if his knee didnt fuck him up!! DEFINATELY a sub 9.7!!!!! i feel sorry for him that he never ran faster than 9.79 coz he had the potential to run between 9.64-70!!!!!

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  8. this would have been a 9.69 race by greene if not for that knee.

  9. yeah right. The only reason why Montgomery closed on Greene was because of Mo injury. Watch at 0:07 and pause, Greene has about a 1 to 1 1/2 meter lead on Tim and that coming out of his drive phase. It’s safe to say Greene was about to pull away from Tim when his quad went on him. Greene would of destroy his world record 9.79. At best he would of run a 9.73 to 9.75 if his quad doesn’t go.


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  14. biscuitmancollin

    look at tim montgomery’s closing speed

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