Maths and Sport: How Fast Can Usain Bolt Run? – Professor John D. Barrow

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  1. actually the 200m was faster than the 100m for a long time when micheal johnson ran it in 19.32s. AT the time the 100m time took more than 9.66s. So i guess i was wrong with my initial statement. But for an average joe i think the 100m would average out to be faster.

  2. yeah i guess theoretically ur right, but practically speaking getting a faster average 200m speed compared to 100m speed is tough. but after looking at usain bolts 100m record which is 9.58s (x2=19.16s for 200m) and his 200m record of 19.19s, it is pretty close to being the same average speed for both distances. so i guess the bend is the deciding factor that determines whether 200m will be slower or faster.

  3. This is not accurate. A good sprinter’s 200m time will be faster than twice his 100m time, because 200m can be run at full speed, so the second 100 meters begins at full speed and will be faster than that individual can run a 100m race from the blocks. If your 200m time is slower than double your 100 (under the same conditions), it means you are losing speed and aren’t running a top quality 200m dash. Of course, this is challenging because the 200 incorporates a curve.

  4. ikbenwillempie

    Obviously you are not a fast runner yourself, tousif. 200m is roughly the largest distance you can run at max speed, from there on speed declines as distance increases.

  5. samcerulean1412

    yeh I guess the way forward is high altitude training, I’d actually recommend it for any type of sport

  6. i dont think they will allow that for professional athletes though as ethically its no different from performance enhancing drugs. but i guess for science experiment its plausible like ‘dolly the sheep’.

  7. samcerulean1412

    This will all change with the coming of artificial red blood cells, very exciting also scary to think we’re changing our natural biology. They said people that are pumped full of these cells could sit on the bottom of a swimming pool for 10 minutes easily

  8. Soccerswim123

    That is true but in the second 100m you are already at full speed instead of a dead start, causing your 200m to be close to your 100m time x2. Not quite as fast but close. It is not full blast the entire way, but more like a running start the second 100m instead of 2 dead starts.

  9. if you run the 200m at 100m speed then you’ll run of gas before the finish line. and you’ll be slower than your initial speed when you cross the finish line. Otherwise marathon runners would run at 100m speed. The longer the distance the slower you have to run as speed and endurance are a tradeoff.

  10. journeydabest

    yes you i can. I ran the 200m and you can run full out.

  11. He should have known that Bolt’s official Beijing run was 9.69, not 68.

  12. superterrorbird

    actually im pretty sure you do run full blast

  13. RandomthoughtsMaster

    run. Which probably means with perfect conditions, under 9.37 is possible if he ran equally as well as he did during his 9.68 run, and didn’t celebrate early.

  14. RandomthoughtsMaster

    During Bolts 9.68 run, one could say he celebrated early. Looking at wind speed alone, you were saying with a 2.0 m/s tailwind Bolt’s time would have been 9,48 in that particular race. Though this next calculation probably couldn’t be done with 99%+ accuracy, Bolt’s last 8-10 meters was probably significantly slower than his previous 10 meters since he wasn’t pumping his arms. Because of this I think his 9.68 time could have been much better and after wind calculations would have been his better

  15. RandomthoughtsMaster

    True, but during the second 100 you’re already moving, opposed to being at a full stop.

  16. very good presentation. Really got into the tangable aspects of time variations

  17. You can’t half the 200m time. Nobody runs the 200m on full blast.