IAAF Indoor GP 2012 60 meter Asafa Powell 6.49

Stacey Runs Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Why doesn’t usain bolt do this

  2. Kimmons is a fking bullet out of the blocks 

  3. i’m 13 and do like 8 something lmao but my hundered time is 13.3 and 200m
    is 27.4

  4. I’m from czech republic, in 2010 I injured my leg, during running 100m at
    school.. On 60m I had 7:12. Now, leg is alright, but I will feel it for my
    whole life, so I gave up running.. but keep doing it guys, it’s awesome!

  5. i think the rule of one false start and you’re out is so pointless. why not
    give them a second chance?

  6. I am 15 and my pb is 7, 53 i hope to run 7, 3 or 7, 2 when ik 16

  7. this shouldn’t even be an event, 100 meters is short enough

  8. He stopped pushing at 55 metres

  9. I am 15 and my pb is 7, 53 i hope to run 7, 3 or 7, 2 when ik 16

  10. VsPersonalTraining

    I’m 6 and I can run it in 5 seconds

  11. THANKS!!!!!

  12. no..it’s just their opinion of success.. like somebody want to be a great
    sprinter, somebody wants to be a good chess player and somebody wants to be
    a bodybuilder and you they are best at what they do and you should respect

  13. uycgfbeh wshhyvcu

    asafa has very powelfull legs!!!!!!!!! xD

  14. Save yourself some time 3:46

  15. only if youre weak and skinny

  16. Kemelian Lewis Alexander

    check out @4:14

  17. WTF asafa got like 5 something or whatever not 6.49 pause around 3:55 or 54

  18. But here comes Asafa Powell, those powellful legs ! Lmao

  19. winner was asafa powel not kim kollins!

  20. LouisBagHitSquad

    No he just listened for the gun

  21. no, its not

  22. Marcell Bagladi

    I am 13 years old, and I run 60 m in 8.0 sec :DDD

  23. lol just chkn, i do also train 4 that, but fastfood (my enemy) is stopping
    me in my trackz:, i wouldnt mind havin a physiqe like his tho!

  24. I don’t know. You might be able to run faster or you might even run slower.
    The time counting is a hard part when it comes to running.