Dix(9.94) Gatlin(9.95) Rogers(9.99) +1.3m/s 2011 USATF Champs – Men’s 100m Final

Stacey Runs Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. athlete101010

    im starting to like walter dix alot.

    he had a pretty shabby start in that final and managed to get ontop of it.

    his semifinal start was pretty amazing compared to usual though i think he can go well this year.

  2. Justin Gatlin is back with a 9.95..lol

  3. Only a lean

  4. Lol at the cheat Gatlin thinking he’d won!

  5. Jeff Demps was movin. He was up there with everyone. Watch out for him

  6. yabe~

  7. BrianDWalker3445

    Demps was flying. Gatlin looked he won. He’s a smooth runner. Walter Dix is more of a power runner. He looks almost like a wild man. He’s like the Marian Barber of sprinters. I like him.

  8. Jeff demps was Rollin too lol

  9. so can tyson gay still qualify for the 100m in Daegu even though he didnt run here?

  10. Gatlin is a beast for just coming in after 4 years and just about winning the race!

  11. LMAO AT 0:46 . Walter dix was like “No No Mutha fuka this is my win’ lol

  12. My left ear enjoyed this….

  13. They got rolled up and smoked by a jamaican lol.

  14. you gotta admire jeff demps. playing football at the university of florida. what a man

  15. avatar2222able


  16. The 100m is WIDE open now, I can’t wait till Saturday. Any of the 8 finalist can win gold

  17. Bolt is defending champion so he automatically qualifies for Daegu.. hence his ‘time off’

  18. @Dapistokyo lol@ asafa being a head case… i swear Asafa is his own worst enemy.. this man has no idea of how much of a great sprinter he is.. with more confidence he could easily beat Bolt.. well now we wont get to see that ;-(

  19. how do you calculate this?

  20. No you don’t … Once the drugs are out of your system for a while you loose the advantages.

  21. Bolt always steps up in the big occasions though, always. Can see him running a 9.7… in the final

  22. Bolt is off this year, I cant see him winning gold, Asafa looks strong but we all know he is a head case. Gatlin looks hungry, wish he raced more then he did. DIx will so up , I dont know about Blake, this is new for him. We all will now by next week who is the fastest man

  23. @norwayne300 I was referrin’ to the fact that Asafa has never won a WC gold & Bolt appears slighlty vulnerable. He hasn’t been too impressive in the 100m this year. Powell is in his prime and if he’s gonna ever beat Bolt, Daegu is his opportunity. Hopefully, he won’t do his characteristic choking @ the end of the race. However, if Bolt wins, chances are very likely that he will, then so be it. It will be good for the sport if Usain loses. The 200m; however, is his alone.

  24. u crazy wat abt bolt?