Sep 14

Campbell-Brown claims win at Diamond League

Veronica Brown has got her eyes fixed on 2015 Beijing world athletics post claiming a great win at this year’s Zurich Diamond League.

The Jamaican star won at 100m women race finishing in 11.04s at 13th & 14th-leg Zurich Diamond League 2014 series.

“My season was filled with highs & lows”, stated Brown. The erstwhile 200m double Olympic champ had her 2-year dope suspension overturned last February. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Tonbridge firefighter set to take part 14 marathons

A Tonbridge fireman has latched on the job to run in fourteen marathons in the year 2014 to bring up money for charity some charity work. Martin Westbrook, a crew manager at the Tonbridge fire station, stated that the most he has run is 2 marathons in a year, but now he has determined to take up the huge task to get funds for Willow Foundation.

This offers the support for terminally ill people as well as their families. He took up running just 5 years ago. This time he has decided that he would run in fourteen marathons this year. Later he stated that he had no idea why he has decided that. He even believes that the decision is insane.

Mr Westbrook would run an official marathon every month and 2 fundraiser runs at the Tonbridge Sainsbury’s on a treadmill. On 11th January, he had finished his very first marathon at Sainsbury’s sporting his firefighter suit as well as breathing apparatus – summing up a stone as well as a half in weight to his twenty six mile challenge.

The proceeds that were raised were divided between his charity as well as Sainsbury’s chosen charity named Phoenix Autism Centre Tonbridge (PACT). Mr Westbrook stated that every one of them is hard work and he wanted to make sure he does not suffer from any injuries.

He added that at this point of finishing one, you are going through the pain threshold and you are in pain every time with aching muscles and joints.

Dec 13

Kenya starts kickstarter campaign

Kenya has given some of the world’s best top distance runners. Harnessing this tradition, Kourage Athletics ameliorates lives in the African country by making running apparel for athletes across the world. Kourage co-founder Hussein Kurji, 35, stated that there are no scopes for Kenyan graphic and fashion designers or photographers to connect with the international markets, and they are bridging this gap.

Headquartered in Kenya’s Nairobi, where everything happens – starting from design to testing. The co-founder told that all the products are hundred percent African. Kurji himself is a Kenyan. He stated that think about the number of jobs Nike has brought forth in Oregon, United States. Kourage is concentrated on making economic development in this African nation through jobs and not handouts.

The influence of this company goes beyond just making a business in Kenya. The company wants to help Kenyan runners. Twenty four year old Kourage fashion designer Joseph Kisuli told that they started speaking to young runners. Kourage has an aim of sponsoring Kenyan Olympic team.

Hired by UltraMarathon of Kenya, the team of Kourage recently manufactured five hundred athletic vests along with the words – Run Kenya printed on the chest. The Run Kenya tank-top is now available, for $ 25 (including shipping charges), on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Kourage’s kickstarter program has an aim of raising $ 12500 20th December, by Friday.

Oct 13

Running for a noble cause

When he plodded toward the end line of 34th Hilton Apple Derby Run; this was not the realization that 5 miles through October rain were behind him that left him feeling inspired. That was t he love of a loving community. People were donning t-shirts emblazoned – STEVE STRONG.

Fifty four old Steve Fowler is battling colon cancer. Arranging the Apple Derby Run was among his several responsibilities, but now he is no longer able to work. His former assistant Jim Volkmar told that he is a very special a man who does not prefer attention. Being that type of person, people just wanted to step up and show their appreciation.’ Continue reading →

Jun 12

Stacey Runs

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