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Aug 14

Justin Gatlin becomes Indoor Champion again – from Universal Sports

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Jul 14

Racing – Tyson Gay VS Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell

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Jun 14

Asafa Powell Wins 100m – 9.87s In Awful Weather Conditions @ Gateshed 2008 [ HQ ]

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Jun 14

Fighter Mayo Gets Back To Running Post Near-Fatal Stroke

Makayla Mayo feels lucky to survive, let alone taking to run again.

The 19 year old bright young lady who suffered a dangerous grade IV brain aneurysum & stroke just 10 months ago, has indeed taken up her running shoes once again. The once restricting frustrations on relearning balancing, standing & walking have been duly replaced by a courageous stride as Makayla ran in 5k chase at Marquette’s Hope Starts Here Challenge, last weekend.

It took Mayo 30 mins & 59 seconds to finish the chase. The brave fighter who used to run cross country & track in her high school days was a casual runner at the recent Michigan challenge who was seen happily relishing her miles. Albeit she was happy with her casual runner avatar at the challenge yet it was hard to miss out on the pride and joy that played on her bright face which duly distinguished her as a special one from other casual runners.

“It felt absolutely great”, said Mayo. “When I came across that finishing mark I was extremely happy & it was just a superb feeling.”

Mayo’s family too was naturally overwhelmed with her fighting spirit and hence quite obviously her mother Tina was short of words after the finish- the bright 19 year old received a tight hug from her mum as she got back to her after the run.

“When Makayla crossed her finishing mark, everything that happened 10 months back came flashing before me”, said Tina. “Her past physical condition, the therapies & work that my daughter had to go through, to this very amazing moment, of simply watching her relishing what she adores the most. She is running once again- she is actually running once again. At times, I simply cannot fathom how far she has been able to come.”

Jun 14

Asafa Powell runs 9.83 in Ostrava!!

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May 14

Teenage Usain Bolt on Trans World Sport

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Apr 14

Handling speed intelligently

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Mar 14

Carl Lewis Nike + Run

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Mar 14

adidas Energy Boost series: Maurice Greene, Former Olympic Gold Sprinter

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Feb 14

Asafa Powell highlights from Sports science

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