CARL LEWIS RUNS 9.78 sec!!!!!!

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  1. Imagine if Carl got a good start. He had a terrible start

  2. The Caribbean as a region has genetically superior sprinters. Often referred to as “third world”, the islands have much less access to superior training facilites taken for granted in USA/ Europe, yet with a population base of less than 10 million across the islands, the island boys / ladies kick ass. Must be the sea breeze and sand. Not! Just superior genetics.

  3. why not just show the race? instead of repeating a bunch of times with annoying music.

  4. I disagree, I think Maurice Green, Tyson gay and Asafa Powell have a technically better sprinting style.

  5. ..i respectfully disagree about the gift. as a sprinter/jumper, yes. and technically beautiful..and mastered thbe art of relaxing..BUT powell, greene, bolt, and some others also have beautiful techniques, and are more genetically gifted as sprinters. also, the sport is cleaner than ever now. Ashford was always a suspect drug user- it wasnt a crime back then but she supposedly did so to compete against the german, ahem, women. i am a lewis fan, but lets keep it real.

  6. Nice post. Yeah it’s true Lewis redefined sprinting and with his technique he took things to another level. technically and mentally very strong. cause you have to be psychologically strong especially in such a short race when you see those guys ahead of you but you trust your technique and relax to the max when others are weakening. But C. Smith was a great one as well. very quiet but really great.

  7. Standardfrank

    Yuripukin – I like your comments. Lewis was the Albert Einstein of sprinting. He re-figured how to run the sprints. He could have taken out Menea’s 200m world record if he wanted, some times missed out at sea-level by raising his hands. The same could be said of Calvin Smith’s world-record mark of 9.93 and Bob Beamon’s 8.91. He could have smashed these at altitude, but always refused. LEWIS captured everyones pedigree for superior racing at sea-level for sub-10! How this is all forgotten!

  8. Standardfrank

    VibeFly – AGREED! I remember 1979. I was 16 Lewis 19. Lewis does 10 seconds dead at SEA-LEVEL! WOW! People take sub-10 today for granted…not in Lewis’s day. Athletes did not train for sub-10/1.0 as the coaches manual brainwashed athletes that such feats could only be done at altitude. Lewis refused altitude racing, redefined how sprinting was run, departing from the Alan Wells brute force-STRESS-UP approach. People talk about Bolt superior to Lewis! Without Lewis, they’d be no USAIN BOLT!

  9. Carl Lewis the best

  10. If anything can be said of Carl, even with men in latter days that have broken his records..he is by far the best technical sprinter! Best FORM of any sprinter in history BY FAR which contributed to him being #1! What a gracefull & fluid runner!!…Sprinters that have broken his records?? I truly believe drug enhanced and not nearly as technical PLUS God gifted. I’ve followed Carl’s career since I was a kid and from FACTS based I know he is the true champion of all time! Same as Evelyn Ashford!!

  11. thats true

  12. Yes! Thanks for posting! :)Nicley done