Carl Lewis-100m.WR,Tokyo,1991 World Championships

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  1. Coleman blew this call. Clear win for Lewis.

  2. Morgan Sports Law LLP

    Today’s #SportingMomentsMonday revisits the 1991 IAAF World Championships
    in Tokyo and arguably the greatest 100m race of all time.

    Carl Lewis claimed a surprise victory with a then world record time 9.86
    seconds in a race that saw the first six finishers run under 10 seconds for
    the first time in history.

  3. amrcngrlintheuk25

    Agreed, this is my wife’s login but i couldn’t not comment. That was
    shocking from Coleman, although i do love his 1992 and 1993 commentary of
    Linford’s wins. Interesting how good Cram has become as a commentator, his
    commentary for Mo last year gives me goose bumps! 🙂

  4. Yes but that was a mistake by the japanese.because even for a CR you still
    need to be under the legal 2m/s wind. Nevertheless his 9’80 in the
    quarterfinals was impressive as he eased before the tape.

  5. How is the CR 9.80 when the WR is only 9.90..?

  6. Shocking commentary from David Coleman.

  7. disagree – his commentary on michael johnson’s atlanta world record was

  8. Coleman should have been put out to pasture after this. Instead almost
    every BBC athletics clip from the 90s on YouTube is infected by his
    fact-haze and his progressively more vomity voice. 🙁 A proper legend in
    his day, but as so often, they don’t know when to quit…

  9. AthletixStuffChannel

    Lewis ran 9.80 in a qualifying round but it had a wind assistance of 4.3,so
    wasn’t ratified as a WR,but still stood as a best time.Think that’s it?!!