Asafa Powell wins with leading time 9.78 – from Universal Sports

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  1. 2:40-2:47 Now thats speed, I love it.

  2. There is some guy in the highschool I am going to and he runs 10flat and he is a sophomore.

  3. Yeah there is some guy in highschool he is a sophomore and run 10 flat

  4. black.

  5. Your statement is moronic beyond belief. Woods was a phenom, it wasn’t just his race, it was his entire upbringing since childhood, but he worked himself into the #1 ranked player in the world. There have been other black golfers, well before Tiger, but mostly unknown because of their far more modest success. And Woods WOULD had had similar publicity, winning 14 majors kinda helps get the fans interested….


  7. Its the same thing as Tiger Woods being hyped up in Golf….its a bigger story cause he is a black man in a white mans sport. Same thing with Lemaitre here.

    If Woods were a white guy, there would not be near the publicity about him. Race plays a role in all sports, particularly when it is something out of the ordinary.

  8. Nesta>Blake>Bolt>Powell=36.7 WR


  10. the white guy must feel very proud

  11. – That’s right, they will. I’m not disputing who “won” the race, I’m just acknowledging what everyone else already knows. That had Bolt not jumped, the race would have been completely different. Blake has been in better form, Really? Blake was 2nd at their own trials and hasn’t run faster than 9.92, while Bolt hasn’t lost a single race he’s actually RUN in, THAT’S A FACT. And trust me, I’ve been following T&F for nearly 40 years and I know what would have happened, so do you.

  12. Antrizzle2009

    @broadjumper1 LOL @ “they’ll know what time it is”. I’m dealing with facts and you deal with “what ifs”. I’ve already stated that Blake has been in better form than Bolt all year in the 100. That’s a fact. He’s been running better times, been more consistent. I don’t go by what could have happened, I go by what actually did happen. And trust me, I been following and/or participating in t&f for almost 15 years. I’m not saying what Kenteris would have done, I’m saying what he DID.

  13. – Bottom line is that when people look at the details like most INFORMED people do, they’ll see that Usain Bolt FALSE STARTED, and then they’ll know what time is..and if you’re gonna tell me that Kenteris could have beaten Michael Johnson and Maurice Greene, that tells me all I need to know about your understanding of track & field and its history.

  14. Antrizzle2009

    The bottom line is the history books will read: Yohan Blake, 2011 World Champion. That’s a fact. Everything else after that is speculation. It doesn’t matter who was in the race, who wasn’t in the race, what the wind was, how many false starts there were, etc… he’s THE world champion. That’s it. Oh, and Kenteris got caught for juicing in the lead up to the 2004 Olympics. He was never stripped of his 2000 Olympic or 2001 World titles. Could he be? Possibly but I doubt it now.

  15. – Nope, outright victory is achieved in a head-to-head competition and since Bolt didn’t run in the race, it’s at best a hollow victory. Powell & Gay are irrelevant since they both pulled out well before the race was run, but it would have made for a more exciting race and the outcome may have been vastly different. Kenteris won, but there’s plenty of ‘bitching’ about it since most believe he was juiced and they also believe MJ or MG would have blown his doors off.

  16. Antrizzle2009

    Yes it was an outright victory! He won the race and Bolt didn’t. That’s the bottom line. Funny how you’re not mentioning the fact that Gay and Powell weren’t even in Daegu, yet if Bolt had won you wouldn’t be saying anything about that. Blake beating Bolt head to head is not the issue. Bolt himself has said its about winning Olympic and World titles. Kenteris won the 200 gold in 2000 and nobody bitches about Michael Johnson and Maurice Greene not being in the race. No excuses.

  17. – Really? Funny, who was the LAST black decathlete champion? Dumbass…

  18. – Sure it does, REAL track fans have long memories and when they write the history of the event, it won’t start out with: “Yohan Blake ran a strong race into a -1.4 headwind to dominate the field”, it will be “Usain Bolt FALSE STARTED, clearing the way for his countryman”..Yes, it’s a win for Blake, but it wasn’t an outright victory. And in spite of Blake’s fine season, he STILL hasn’t defeated Bolt head-to-head.

  19. Antrizzle2009

    For one, it doesn’t matter what the victory will be thought as. You said he never won any major international competition. Whether Bolt was actually in the race or not doesn’t matter. Fact is, Bolt knew the rules and false started. Also, Blake has been in better form than Bolt all year in the 100 so it was not guaranteed that Bolt was going to beat him, which is probably why he false started. He trains with Blake, he knows how well Blake starts and knew he needed a great start.

  20. – Guess what, Lematire DID make it to the finals, BOTH finals and he managed to get two medals including the relay…

  21. – Yup I sure can. And I’m just CERTAIN a moron like you had him picked to beat Bolt, didn’t you? Face it, this ‘victory’ will always be thought of as Bolt’s gift to Blake, not an outright victory, So in truth, he STILL hasn’t won shit, lol.

  22. Antrizzle2009

    Well I guess you can change what you said about Blake not winning shit lol.

  23. well you were close

  24. Asafa Powell didn’t look like he was trying at all.