Asafa Powell wins 100m(+2.0m/s) 9.86, Makusha 10.16 Hungarian Grand Prix 2011.

Stacey Runs Movie Rating: five / 5

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  1. michaelbrownnnnnn

    Yohan Blake’s 9.92 second 100m in Daegu was run with a -1.4m/second (Headwind). If it was 0.0 m/second the time would have been 9.85 seconds +/- 0.0. Seconds. With a 2 meter per second tailwind it would have been 9.75 seconds +/- 0.0- seconds

  2. Yes indeed. Powell IS the fastest starter in sprinting history. 🙂

  3. almost as pathetic as you talkin to yourself? only reason I saw this comment is cause I happened to come across this vid again. but anyways, I agree with you, Bolt does what he does to relax, thats what Ive been sayin.

  4. why the hell are you guys arguing about Bolt’s concentration? What’s it to you if he concentrates or doesn’t concentrate? He’s fastest man in the world he can do whatever he wants. His “pre race bull shit” helps him relax and the crowd fucking loves it. What he does is his own shit, but I think it’s pretty sad that all you guys can do with your life is argue about Bolt’s fucking concentration. haaaa!

  5. Powell probably would have the fastest 40 yard dash time of all time

  6. guess I misunderstood, k fair enough.

  7. – Maybe that’s what you though I was trying to say, but it’s not. I don’t believe Bolt would have run significantly faster than Blake, but possibly in the 9.8 range. But we’ll never know and the issue is moot, at least until he runs the 200 or relay and then we can see what kind of shape he’s in.

  8. phone auto correct, my bad.

    I’m asking what Bolt would have run in Daegu in those exact conditions, -1.4m/s. You said 9.82/9.83 so I converted what that would have been in still conditions and with a 0.9m/s tailwind to compare with his Berlin performance, and the time I got was 9.70/9.71, I didn’t say he was in Berlin shape.

  9. – But that’s exactly what you did..misconstrue, not “discontinue”

    I didn’t agree and I don’t agree. I still say that Bolt’s was in 9.8 low shape, not 9.7 low and we’re not talking about Berlin. Even Bolt himself said he wasn’t in “Berlin” shape.

  10. misconstrue*

  11. not trying to discontinue anything, just saying what the 9.83 you say he would’ve run here is equal to in Berlin conditions so it’s easier to compare to his 9.58..

  12. – Hey, whatever gets you through the night. You can either misconstrue what I said or accept what I’m telling you and apparently you’ve chosen the former. But for the rest of you out there, bolt wasn’t in no better than 9.83 shape….

  13. – You asked what shape I believed Bolt was, not what he would have run in this race. You said 9.7 low and i disagreed, clear? I’m saying Blake had as good a shot to win as any…

    Yes, false starts happen to everyone, clowning or no clowning. But common sense also tells you that when a guy with no history of false starting BLOWS on that badly, it’s his CONCENTRATION that’s to blame and the less fucking around he does, the better.

  14. nvm you already said in the given the conditions, didn’t see that. 9.83 (-1.4) = 9.75, 9.75 (+0.9) = 9.71. So we both agree, in Berlin conditions he was in low 9.7 shape..

  15. – I already agreed that he looked good, but given the conditions, I don’t think he would have gone better than 9.82-9.83. We can’t speculate about winds because it’s totally random. I didn’t say he wasn’t focused in his training and prep, just his pre-race bullshit. That’s where his concentration failed him.

  16. – I’m NOT expecting him to lower his WR every year, get a CLUE. I said he wasn’t CLOSE to his old form and he’s NOT. He hasn’t even come close to sub-9.80. Funny, there used to be a guy TrickSports, who claimed that when a guy didn’t PR for two years running that he had peaked…I guess that was bullshit too, huh? If He’s read to go 9.7 low, let him prove it in the remaining Diamond League races.

  17. I don’t know what the hell ur talking about, Bolt shouldn’t be expected to lower his WR’s every year, sure he wasn’t in 9.58 shape this year but after seeing his heats and semi’s don’t tell me he wasn’t at least ready to run a 9.7 low, maybe a little shower considering the wind but still. You really think Bolt could have improved his start from his 9.88 this season that dramatically in only a month without being focussed? Cmon

  18. – And when did he last run 9.58 and 19.19? Yeah, I thought so….Sorry, not buyin it…he’s been more focused in being Bolt the brand, Bolt the party boy, etc, instead of being Bolt the serious athlete….there’s been NO hunger, and damn little concentration from Bolt since 2009.

  19. everyone is focused on their own race, Bolt doesn’t do it to mess with his competitors he does it to relax himself and himself only. You can’t run 9.58 and 19.19 without taking the sport seriously, impossible.

  20. - No he doesn’t. He PREENS and mugs constantly for the cameras, the “it helps him relax” is a bullshit excuse. It demeans the sport and his competitors. Name another sport where a guy can fuck around like this before the action starts. Do that at the plate in baseball (for example) and you’ll wind up with a fastball in your ear.