Asafa Powell wins 100m as Rodgers is injured – from Universal Sports

Stacey Runs Movie Rating: five / five

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  1. Asafa Powell make it looks so easy.

  2. lol i can almost hear you saying that lol.

  3. Asafa is juggling something HUGE in his

  4. C’mon Powell, Run thru the finish line. He could have easily hit. 9.8

  5. dis rassclawt powell affi stop easing up pon di last pawt a him bumbo rassclawt race dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. practice becomes pussyclawt perfect. run tru di finish rasshole line. LETS GO ASAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Powell will never beat Bolt when it counts. Or even when it doesn’t count. He’s 1-10 vs. Bolt. He’s a one off sprinter who can’t handle rounds, just like Carmelita Jeter, who does great in Diamond league but gets smoked by Shelly in every championship.

  7. @Judean777,i am not denying the fact that Powell is a great sprinter,he is probably the best sprinter this decade has to offer hands down,but he cannot close his races anymore,he is the best starter in the history of sprinting,but i see Black and Nesta beating him in the next yr or 2.

  8. cant believe people are still doubting Powell, Nesta is great but he’s not in Powells class neither is Yohan Blake.  Powell ran a terrible race in Jamaica and still beat all those guys look at them from the side.

  9. lol “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga in the background

  10. Looks like only Yohan Blake is proving me right so far,Common Nesta.

  11. Common Nesta,i ve been singing your praise,you gotto beat Powell my man,lets get it together already.

  12. byakuyakuchiki7

    powell busted a “whatevs” ahaha

  13. TheBlackKatana

    I love when they show the side view of the race