Asafa Powell Wins 100m – 9.87s In Awful Weather Conditions @ Gateshed 2008 [ HQ ]

Stacey Runs Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. i don’t understand powell , why can’t he do this when it matters ?

  2. but he can`t hit 9.69 course

  3. Yeh Asafa, when no-one is looking.

  4. ran a pb in Lausanne – 9.72

  5. in that conditions that was really superb , 9.87 that’s probably one of the
    best in rain

  6. chuanfa1 shut your mout you sound stupid

  7. a bit like Tyson Gay.

  8. he got 9.72s

  9. If he gets the right conditions in Rieti or Lausanne he’s getting the world
    record back this month.

  10. hmm nice run i wanna see powell go up against bolt again!

  11. sorenbraybrook

    This was last year.

  12. Was Tyson Gay in this race?

  13. thanks for the vid…i like to watch these races to see how my boy tyson
    gay is doin so keep postin these vids.

  14. he gonna run today

  15. Zak Millington

    I think so, as it says the WR is 9.69 in the bottom corner.

  16. OH MY GOD!!!He ran 9.87s with all that rain!Shit!!!ASAFA IS BACK!

  17. haha, well I was going to say that Justin Gatlin ran a 9.87 into a headwind
    in New York in the rain on a in cool condition, but that race was
    disqualified! lol

  18. shame…

  19. I agree that Tyson and Powell are more than capable of breaking 9.69
    seconds. However, Bolt would probably take it back. He’s yet to run the 100
    at his full potential. The man is a monster.

  20. turns around to camera at 0:25 sees camera…Yeah i’m black …So what? i
    do that everyday…

  21. he just ran 9.72 in lausanne at tuesday setting a new PB and second best
    record in history 100m men after bolts 9.69

  22. I’ve given up trying to work out how fast Bolt can run but it may even be
    below 9.5 one day. Tyson may struggle to break 9.8 again outside of
    superfast tracks like Eugene, and I think it’s unlikely he can challenge
    9.69, but he’s very determined and a supreme pro, so who knows. Not this
    year though as he’s not fit and the season’s fast running out.

  23. Not his best start

  24. sorenbraybrook

    It’s so unlucky he can’t perform like that in World Championships and
    Olympics :/

  25. Oh ok thanks. cuz there’s no way Powell could beat Gay that easily. I want
    to see Powell, Bolt and Tyson run at their full potential again in the same
    race, they’ll tear up the track.