asafa powell runs 9.77 in gateshead

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  1. well, if your legs kick your butt, but your able to raise your knees anyway as well as asafa or bolt, it shouldnt be a problem. But if you kick your but an not able to raise the knees, you must work on your form.

  2. hi accidentally hit thubs down, sorry.

    hip rotation.

    we all know the body the body leans forward when we fun or walk and then we step to correct it.

    with hips ‘rotated forward’ you keep the body upright and use the height the knee is raised and thus the imbalance of the body to draw you forward. Also it allows for a shorter and thus more powerful leg push – with a shorter return distacne. – the difference between punching the ground and pushing it.

  3. lmao, good one

  4. Lordlazythelast

    the key to recent sprinting success is the knees. however the true master of raising his knees is usain bolt! look at the WR and youll see that they work like pistons and his added height gives him the speed. there are not many other tall sprinters (bolt is 1.92m tall) because most cannot lift their knees as well

  5. can somebody please answer me this question. look at 1:40 asafa’s legs dont kick his butt. he doesnt extend his legs behind him like the other do. instead asafa gets his knees higher. which way is better. usain bolt kicks his legs out behind him alot like the other runners. im a sprinter someone please answer!!!!

  6. usain bolt blew everyone away he is the best ever powell can not handle the big stage

  7. waluigirules77

    i feel so sorry for this man
    he is getting better and then a random teen
    comes and shits all over his dreams

  8. the worlds strongest man is a white beast!

  9. there all black, they have the muscle advantage,

  10. you are right

  11. watch powell from 1:35 to the end, he just looks to scary! i’d be demoralized! 2 fast…he’s the boss.

  12. Smoking cannabis is central to rastafarianism. Dumbass.

  13. UnknownProdigy28

    chill out he doesnt do drugs even if he did drugs cant make you that fast he is the only one in the world running a 9.77 as many people taking drugs

  14. asafa is a rastafarian……. no kiddin acually. He’s one of the only guys not on drugs, against his culture

  15. i wish he wouldn’t slow down at the end

  16. Anybody know where I can view the mens 4 by 100m win when GB amazingly beat the USA? thanks.

  17. BlushingProstitute

    amazing what drugs can do

  18. GrandadIsRacist

    look what drugs can do

  19. asafa powell is da greatest sprinter with 9.77 time on da 100m.
    he is sooo fast and also kwl.
    I wanna b like him and i will be; just watch…