2011 USA Track & Field Championships: Justin Gatlin Interview

Stacey Runs Video clip Ranking: 5 / 5

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  1. fuck this the best the american ? lol 

  2. I dont know!!! I think it’s good for him to come back but with Usain Bolt at the top and King Now and with Tyson Gay second in command Justin Gatloin got alot of work to do.

  3. america track and field gold medals threw out history have a dark casted shadow over them

  4. JAMAICA ! 


  6. ya but he has cleaned himself up since then

  7. right…. lemaitre is really fast 9a hell of a lot faster than I am i know) but its not fair to say that et, and it seems that you dont like justin gatlin. When he was caught for doping it was bad luck, over 50% of the sprinters back then took enhancers! dont hate on him please, i just didnt want you to think he was bad or something

  8. he must be happy T.Gaye is out

  9. Didn’t expect him to sound like that…

  10. lol.

    Btw, in the spirit of fairness Steve Mullings and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce deserve second chances also.

  11. Riiiiight……Ok……All im sayin is…get yur Facts Str8…. this is not ah “second chance” as u want to make it seem like it is…. and he Paid his debt? he wrkd out a Deal to snitch on what he already knew was happening….please… dont try to downplay it….it is wat it is…simple….im glad to see him back…but at the same time don’t sugar coat it like he is this Saint…. he BEEN popped numerous times… get it right…..

  12. “this is more than a second chance”

    Take your complaint up with the IAAF. Gatlin paid his debt, followed the rules and made a difficult to get on US sprint team.

    Now you go back to beating that dead horse.

  13. Second Chance? He has been Banned twice before smh………this is more than a second chance….

  14. it shows he has the true love for the sport knowing he could not compete for 4 years and do nothing but train and still goes sub 10 says alot about his mental toughness and knowing he can do it clean, even tho i think he always was, he still has a few years left to tear it up

  15. Everyone deserves a second chance. Gatlin has always conducted himself with grace and humility. I wish him well.

  16. If we  only threat politicians the same way that we threat Professional athletes regarding doping…