1997 – Donovan Bailey vs Michael Johnson 150m

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  1. hes a chicken

  2. Wait a second… technically… i would have beaten the legendary michael jhonson if i had race against him that day….hmm COOOL!

  3. Michael Johnson is probably the cockiest track runner in history. Bailey was clearly the fastest man on earth and he proved it in Atlanta with 9.84 in 100m.

  4. ummm…Johnson usually ran his fastest in CHAmpionship finals-not one off races…

  5. You people are idiots. Michael Johnson would have caught him

  6. I wana c a dual race like dis again yo. Bolt n mo farah suppose to go n da 800

  7. Also, Michael Johnson ran non-sub-44 several times in his career, here’s a list of dates and performances

    Berlin 30.08.1994 – 44.04
    Lausanne10.07.1991 – 44.17
    Rieti 09.09.1990 – 44.21
    Köln 08.09.1991 – 44.22
    Milano 07.09.1996 – 44.53
    Blaine 23.06.1990 – 44.58

    Those are select performances which aren’t heats or semis, so Johnson would have no reason to slow down.

  8. Calm down – I was being sarcastic. I know who Michael Johnson is, he’s one of my childhood heroes. I’m just saying- this ISN’T the only time he’s pulled up in a race, see the Maurice Greene 200m race he was in.

    I’ve torn my right hamstring myself – this race took place in June – and the World Championships took place no more than 2 months later. I don’t personally see how he would have recovered THAT quickly to run THAT well at a major championships running 3 rounds over 2 days.

  9. yeah…b/c he’s the fucking fastest man EVER over 400m? are you serious? Do you even know who Michael Johnson is?

  10. So a hamstring tear that heals enough so that he can produce a world-beating performance. Got it.

  11. Johnson had to beat Bailey on the turn to have a shot at winning. He couldn’t do so, so he pulled up and faked the injury, like a pussy.

  12. well, injuries are common is sprinting-and i’ve seen Johnson loose a couple times before w/o faking an injury; however-they should have had other sprinters in the race…so it wasn’t just winner-loser

  13. yes, that is what I was implying…but you seem to know a lot about Johnson’s track record and I guess it is a possibility he was actually injured. If so, talk about shitty timing.

  14. it was the slowest time MJ ever won a 400m in a final. he ran 44.1 1st time he DIDN’T run sub 44…

  15. no-it does not; b/c I actually follow the sport-I happen to know that Johnson would remained injured through out 97′ even in his world championship final…which he won gold in the 400m-now, you tellin me Johnson faked the injury there, then to save face, kept up the fake injury act all through out the whole season? B/c that’s what you’re implying….

  16. Well, I know that often times when sore losers are beat (even before the end of a competition) they tend to find excuses, like “I got a cramp!” Does this answer your question, Kokumaru?

  17. yet-you don’t run…talking about fakers eh? the fuck do u know?

  18. yeah, but you think he relinquished a World championship Gold medal for nothing? he wasn’t fit enough to do both

  19. He still went on to win the 400m title though, didn’t he?

  20. DOH!
    Of course. Thanks. Mental slip there. I’ve been watching Canadian sprinting videos and I mixed Michael up with the more infamous “Johnson”.

  21. Michael*

  22. Johnson pulled out of the US trials subsequently meaning he couldn’t qualify for the World Championships in Athens, so he was hardly faking it, the IAAF gave him a bye as defending champion but still not fit enough to defend the 200m and had to relinquish his title. He felt the injury after the gun nad tried to carry on that’s why he was behind and eventually stopped

  23. It was longgggggg over before Ben pulled up. There was no chance on earth Ben was going to have a hope of hanging with Bailey on the straight.

  24. “he has again proven his status as the worlds fastest man”

    Is that commentator on drugs are just a bit thick, you can;t prove you are the fastest man on earth if the other contender barely ran 75 meters and pulled up injured